Robert EdenReading these words makes you a rare bird indeed, and I know that for certain, as I’ve done the arithmetic and have the back of an envelope to prove it.

Here goes. On this planet there are 7 billion people, but only about 375 million speak good English; of these, about a third are children, who are too busy Twitting to read anything, reducing my potential audience to 250 million.

Many of these people prefer football to sport or other pastimes, but that still leaves, say, 150 million mostly sentient beings, which should be sufficient incentive to get out of bed and write something here now and again. However, I’m not the first person to have the idea of writing a blog and using WordPress to do so. No, sir or madam. No fewer than 60 million others already do much the same thing, and there are at least 25 million at it somewhere else.

Now, given that we can’t read each others’ blogs because it would be confusing, this leaves only 65 million people to go round 100 million blogs, which obviously isn’t enough. Put another way, the chances of one person reading this are something like 11/2. However, your presence here means I’m declared the winner, and you deserve a better return than 55p for your pound. I can’t pay you, so instead I salute you, and ask that you take everything you find here in the spirit in which it’s intended.

If you feel moved to get in touch with me, please fill in the bit below, and I promise to try to respond quickly; after all, you’re my only hope reader.